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Greetings Grandparents!

And WELCOME to the web page of the Commission on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. We've been in existence since our first official swearing in ceremony in May of 2009 (Commission on the Status of Grandparents raising Grandchildren) and have been very busy since...

Although Commissioners chair working groups, there are many community members and organizations represented on these committees who have made generous contributions of time and ongoing support. As a result, we have made great progress moving forward on many initiatives that empower and educate grandparents about the choices that they have and the resources available to them.

The Information and Referral Sub-committee was tasked with getting accurate information to grandparents who are seeking custody of their grandchildren. This began with the release of the Grandparent Resource Guide in 2009, and continued with several one pagers in our original series called Grandparents, You Are Not Alone, Choices in Custody, and when DCF is involved, which may answer some of your questions about these complicated issues. In addition to this, the Information and Referral Committee built the Commission website, www.massgrg.com, and works hard to keep it current, accurate and user friendly. Presently, it is undergoing a re-design to improve it as a resource.

The Legal Assistance working group has successfully worked to secure funding to help track the needs of indigent grandparents raising grandchildren. Grandparents are invited to call the Senior Legal Helpline at 1-866-778-0939 for assistance. The Legal subcommittee is kept quite busy doing research on the many issues that are raised within the Commission, and through grandparent questions and feedback. The subcommittee also continues to explore ways to increase the availability of legal resources for grandparents, many of whom are low income and unable to afford private counsel.

The Support group subcommittee spent a period of several months conducting a mapping project to identify viable support groups across Massachusetts and to help pinpoint where support groups were needed. Through the Department of Children and Families, they secured funding to start an additional six support groups (see the Support Groups link at the top of the home page).

The Fourth Annual Grandparents Raising Grandchildren conference was another tremendous success. Held at a new location, the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro on June 10th, 2015, registrations for the full day event filled up early, with 120 guests registered and a number of others on a waiting list (we hope to accommodate a larger audience next year). The attendees were an eclectic group of grandparent and relative caregivers, social workers, social service agencies, state representatives and their staffers, judges and court personnel. The conference featured an expanded series of workshops, an awards ceremony and keynote speakers and, once again, the interactive "World Cafe".

The Economic Support and Self Sufficiency group has been able to successfully navigate a state appropriation of $20,000.00, currently used to help track the needs of indigent grandparents raising grandchildren for FY 2012 and FY 2013, thanks to the efforts of Paul Donato. This group also worked successfully toward finding a fiscal agent - the Massachusetts Council on Aging. Other concerns of this group include seeking funding for a Warm Line Proposal that would help address the specific needs of grandparents and provide more support.

This work has all been done by volunteers. In addition, some of the Commissioners run support groups, others represent the Commission at events when we are invited to present, and still others spend many hours behind the scenes talking to grandparents, community groups, and advancing the work of the Commission on the legislative level.

We are committed to the grandparents' voice, and we invite you learn more about the Commission and especially to work with us as we continue to move forward. Grandparents contribute so much to their families and communities. Please join us in supporting them.

Brought to you by the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Massachusetts